Liz Harrison

I’m addicted to a zombie game, and that’s ok

“My name is Liz, and I’m addicted to a zombie game.”

Seriously, I feel like I “should” be searching for an intervention, but I’m not. Yes, I do incessantly check in with my little zombie game on my phone. That happens even more when anyone starts bringing up the insanity of politics and the pandemic.

Zombies keep me sane.

It is escapism in its purest form. Killing zombies is calming. It’s refreshing to participate in chats with people from around the world that only involve talk about the infection that causes the undead. Politics consists of determining which groups of zombie killers are too powerful to attack for resources.

Taking a break from it all is necessary for everyone. So, I happened to pick a game that requires at least a minimal amount of thinking, instead of staring blankly at online slots. Yes, I have noted that I am pulling that app up more and more as we get closer to November, but at least I’m nowhere near as stressed as I was before I downloaded it.

Yes, I’ve intentionally avoided mentioning which game I’ve been playing, primarily because I am enjoying the complete anonymity there. I very well could be playing with people I already know, but I have zero interest in finding out. It is refreshing to just chat about the game, and select real life things like food and beverages.

So, next time someone nags you about spending time playing on your phone tell them it’s a stress relieving activity – it’s keeping you sane.

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