When the Presidential Election Gets Literate

As a writer, I have been waiting patiently. Among all the words that have been tossed around throughout this election season, I have been waiting patiently for something that stripped away the facade of nonsensical soundbites, and got to the real heart and soul of what we have seen so far from Donald Trump. You see, it never was going to be effective to attack him on any of the ridiculous notions he has pushed as his version of policy. He’s not a statesman, in any sense of the word, so he’s not attached to any political principles. Why would he care if you attack the words that he canned in his mind as the next big thing? Trump is more of an infomercial on politics than anything else.

No, the real way to get to him would be to expose why he even bothered to step behind a podium in the first place. No pundit managed to do it. It took an author.

Garrison Keillor stripped Trump’s facade as only he could. Keillor laid his prey raw on the table for everyone to see, and the only sad thing is that the vast majority of the public won’t realize that. They won’t realize that this was never about becoming a leader – Trump is a follower. No, even worse, he’s a straggler, following like a beaten puppy behind people who will never view him as their equal, even if he becomes president. He has power, and money. Yes, it is true that he would have a different kind of power if he makes it to 1600, but in many ways, it will be less power than he has now. If he doesn’t like being on display in the massive aquarium he’s made for himself in his own little empire, Trump will find the goldfish bowl of the presidency highly confining.

Keillor is absolutely right – Trump will never get what he really wants. He wants acceptance by the people who have always looked down on him, no matter how much money or power he has managed to scavenge for himself. Money can’t buy respectability, period. Power is not the equivalent of it either. He knows this, and it undoubtedly galls him every time he looks out at all those masses of people who think he gives a damn about what he’s saying to them. He doesn’t. Keillor knows it. Trump knows it. Everyone should know it, but Keillor’s words will just float away on the stinking stream of brown water that is this presidential election season. At least I can remember that someone literate finally said what needed to be said.

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