Why Voting Third Party This Election Can Be Meaningful

No, this is not a pie in the sky claim that the Libertarian Party has a chance this election season.

Yes, it is pointing out that this election cycle could prove to be the beginning of relevance for the Libertarians.

Up until now, the party has been mostly an educational experiment, and rightfully so. The platform and Non-aggression Principle have been obstacles for the party in getting more support from the public. That is primarily because it is extremely difficult for many people to even consider what the country would look like under them.

The basic principles of individual liberty and smaller government are gaining popularity, particularly among the growing group of “none of the above” voters this election cycle. Normally, I would be among those saying it is important to hold one’s nose and vote for one of the big two. Not this time. Yes, voting Libertarian will hand the election to someone else this time around, but if support for the Libertarian ticket reaches 20 percent in a significant number of states, that will be meaningful.

If anyone doesn’t see that both major parties are in trouble, they are missing something. It means that any third party that gets even nominal support across the nation will have a chance to take over for any party that might say… self-destruct. One that is selling the basic concepts of individual liberty and smaller government should have a relatively easy time of selling itself to the disgruntled masses. All it needs to do is set aside the academic attitude, write a platform based on the first steps toward goals (instead of the final goals themselves), and start pushing candidates on the local, state and federal levels. Yes, that is a lot, but it’s not impossible. But, it would be easier if the Libertarian party saw a fair amount of support in November.

So, if you truly aren’t happy with the offerings from the D’s and R’s this time, maybe you should think about voting Libertarian. Now, that’s what you call making history.

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